321 Analytics
State-of-the-art in-depth website analytics providing comprehensive and straightforward insights about your traffic and visitors. More than 60+ metrics. One-click on-the-fly setup. 7 days free trial.
Powerful analytics. Effortlessly easy.
From websites and blogs to shops and SEO campaigns - sophisticated web analytics are an essential part of every successful web strategy. 321 Analytics is a powerful yet easy to use analytics tool that provides more than 60+ comprehensive metrics for profound yet easy to understand insights on traffic and visitors.
All the analytics you need.
From traffic, sources and locations to behaviour and technologies - with more than 60+ comprehensive metrics 321 Analytics is a state-of-the-art analytics solution that can be integrated on any website with just a few clicks and provides in-depth easy to understand analytics - fully responsive on any device.
More than 60+ in-depth metrics
Clean and easy to understand charts
Precise data down to each visitor
Filter analytics by time and page
Traffic and visitor analytics
Sources and locations analytics
Pages and behaviour analytics
Devices and technology analytics
Usable with any website
One-click application setup
Easy website integration
Responsive on all devices
Get started for FREE today.
Convince yourself of 321 Analytics and get started with the 7 day FREE trial today. After your trial period, you pay as you go through our risk-free prepaid-credits-system without any contractual commitments or ongoing payments and you can terminate 321 Analytics at any time with just one click.
7 Day Free Trial
Unlimited usage
Completely free
One-click terminability at any time
No obligations or commitments
No unexpected costs or hidden fees
10 $
Per Month after Free Trial
10.000 Pageviews / Month
1$ / Additional 1.000 Pageviews
Risk-free payments with prepaid credits
One-click terminability at any time
No unexpected costs or obligations
All the conveniences of 321 Internet.
321 Analytics is part of the 321 Internet App Portfolio. To use 321 Analytics and all other 321 Internet Apps just create a free account, add or remove unlimited apps on the fly with just one click and buy prepaid credits for 1$/Credit to pay for all your apps without any risk or ongoing contractual obligation.
Create a free 321 Internet account and add or remove unlimited apps on the fly with just one click.
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